GDN Software is a mobile consulting company in Southern California that specializes in designing and creating beautiful and robust 5 star iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps.

Our services start from fixing bugs and adding features to your existing app, and extend all the way to helping you with product planning, visual design, coding your app, and deploying your app to customers.

We also help companies of all sizes grow their mobile team, expertise, and strategy with consulting services and engineering interviewing services. Let your engineers code and let us handle phone screening and interviewing your prospective candidates.


We've worked on dozens of software projects ranging from military apps to Apple Watch games, including ones that were featured, patented, and presented to VIPs as forward-thinking ideas.


We've used a large majority of the technologies in iOS, including:

Videos - We built many apps that handle video including a live video streaming product that used AVFoundation to stream video from an iPhone to the user's followers on other iPhones.

Photos and Image Manipulation - Need a custom display of the user's photo album? Need image filters? Blurs? We've created paper scanning apps, fun pixelation apps, and many other apps that included custom image manipulation.

Cloud Services and Storage - We have deep experience with Amazon Web Services and CloudKit to give our clients a cheap and scalable method of storing data and handling backend services in the cloud.

Device Storage - We use Core Data in just about every app that we build.

Animations - Are you looking for basic linear animations, or maybe more complex effects like card shuffling or physics-based animations? We've done them all.

Custom Views - We wouldn't be in business if we couldn't build beautiful, crisp, custom UI views for our clients.

In-app Purchases - We're experts in helping our clients with their revenue plans, including planning their in-purchases and implementing with StoreKit.

Maps and Location - Do you need a map with custom pins and overlays? No problem.

Calendar and Contacts - From a complete calendar app, contacts and group management app, to adding contacts viewing and editing features in client apps, we've done it all with EventKit, Contacts framework, and AddressBook framework.

Neural Networks - We used the Accelerate framework to build a neural network that learns and is applied completely in an iPhone app written in Swift.

Jenkins, Xcode Server, and Continuous Integration - We've used Jenkins to automate our tests and builds. But if you're looking for a system that's far more maintanable and actually pleasant to use, we'll get you setup with Xcode Server and its wonderful continuous integration features.

Automate App Store Deployments with Fastlane - Looking to automate your deployment to the App Store? We'll take care of automating your screenshots in multiple languages and all device screen sizes, the app description, the What's New text, the upload to iTunes Connect, and much, much more.

Swift and Objective C - Do you have an existing app written in both Objective C and Swift? Need to port your app or build new components in 100% Swift? We'll be able to be effective and productive from Day 1.


Our current availability is:

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